Occasionally I write code that isn't related to my job!

Most of the software I've released here is free software. Read about free software at The Free Software Foundation's web site.

Software I've Written or Ported
Emacs Icon

Emacs for Mac OS X

I'm not involved in the development of Emacs any more, but I do make builds of Emacs for Mac OS X.
Maze Icon

Maze Screen Saver

A Mac OS X implementation of the classic maze screen saver seen on various platforms.
GreenFelt Icon

Green Felt Solitaire

A popular solitaire and arcade game site written in Javascript.

Apple ][+

A fast Javascript Apple ][+ emulator with webGL acceleration
Elden Ring Icon

Elden Ring Seamless CoOp Manager

This gives a nice (IMHO) GUI to download and install The Elden Ring Seamless Coop Mod.


Javascript library that renders JSON into collapsible, themeable HTML.


Create XSS free DOM trees easily and beautifully from jQuery.
Unix/Developer Utilities


Allow non-root users to start and stop their own daemons.


A neat little utility that lets you check in select portions of a file into CVS, Darcs, and Hg (includes command line and emacs interfaces).


Report darcs repository changes to an email list.
Old, out of date and unsupported stuff
MultiTunes Icon


MultiTunes is an iTunes plug-in that lets you manage multiple iTunes libraries simply and seamlessly.

Cat Distracter

A tiny Mac OS X program to keep your cat occupied so you can work!
Beepwear Icon

Beepwear Manager

A Macintosh utility for programming the BeepwearPRO watch.
Dict Icon

Dict Client

An application for looking up words in free online dictionaries.
Quake Icon


I ported GLQuake to the Macintosh.
Multipac Icon


A Pacman Emulator I ported to the Macintosh. It was the predecessor to MAME.

Sherlock Ad Remover

A utility to remove banner ads from the internet searches of "Sherlock", the enchanced "find" program introduced in Mac OS 8.5.


Hopeless is a little game written as a perl cgi script that I whipped out one night. Its name and gameplay are copied from an OpenStep game I used to have. It is now version 2.0 and noticeably faster.
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