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Beepwear Manager

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Beepwear Manager for Macintosh OS 9:

I never ended up finishing porting this to Mac OS X. The problem was that when I tried it I was having a bunch of trouble with the graphics APIs from OS 9--they just didn't work in the original Mac OS X. Since then they have probably improved, but a new problem emerged: LCDs became ubiquitous and the watch doesn't work with LCD screens (due to the way they refresh). At some point my Beepwear watch bit the dust and I don't even think Timex sells them any more. Anyway, it's here (with source) if you want it.

Beepwear Manager allows you to download information to your Beepwear PRO watch. This is for Mac users who are sick of having to go get a Windows machine to use the Timex software.

Technical people: If you are curious you can check out what I know about the Beepwear download protocol.

The current version is 1.1. It is released under the GNU General Public License.
Download it from:

Last Modified on: Nov 11, 2013 14:16pm