It turns out I have a really bad memory. After I read a book or watch a movie I seem to not retain any of the relevant content. I've have way too many instances of renting a movie only to discover (usually about a half hour or so into it) that I've already seen it. I've also purchased books that I've already read (unintentionally!).

In an effort to combat this I have decided to post quick reviews of books, movies, and video games after I complete them. In a year or so I should have a decent library of reviews that I can read over to remind myself of the book and the relevant details.

So why would I post these on my web site? The short answer is, "Why not?" It's just as easy for me to save it to my web heirarchy as it is anywhere else, and I'd be writing them in emacs anyway, so I may as well make them available. Do I think anyone will actually read them and care? Not really, but who knows...

Anyway, if you care, look at some of the movies, books and games I like and dislike.

Update, 2013

This was a very good idea, but after doing it for about a year I came to despise writing the reviews. I think it's because it would just take too long—I'm embarrased by my writing unless I've gone over it 50 times and wordsmithed it to death. I realized that I was feeling so much pressure to write these reviews that I was subconsiously dreading actually reading books at all. And once I realized that, I had to stop—Reading needs to be for fun, and not my job.

The old reviews remain here. Maybe if the mood ever strikes me again, I'll start back up.

Last Modified on: Aug 20, 2013 13:08pm