Type Title Author/Director/Developer Date Rating
Movie Underworld Len Wiseman 2004-06-16 ***__


This movie was OK. From a costume/special effects point of view the ware-wolves (though for some reason we like to call them “lichens” in this movie) looked nice. They had a good organic feel to them and moved around in fairly life-like ways. According to the special features on the DVD, this is because they weren’t CGI, but were guys with elaborate costumes. The vampires looked alright though many of the vampire extras looked a little to cheesy-goth which seemed too predictable for a vampire movie.

The story line was OK, and I like that it tried to infuse some “plausible” (though I use that word lightly) explanation for why vampires and ware-wolves are the way they are. There was nothing particularly good or bad about the story, but it did keep me interested.

But the real good thing about this movie was Kate Beckinsale. The whole movie I kept getting distracted from the plot, dialog, etc. by how amazingly beautiful she was. I have to say she is my perfect woman in this film. :-) If you see it for no other reason, see it for her—she carried this entire film.

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