Type Title Author/Director/Developer Date Rating
Movie The Incredibles Brad Bird 2004-11-11 *****


Wow. I wasn’t so sure this was going to be a good movie. I though Monsters, Inc. was somewhat spotty. Good, but overrated. But The Incredibles left me feeling amazed.

The Incredibles takes place in a world where super heros live among ordinary people and help fight crime just like in old comic books. That is, they do until some event takes place that forces them all to go into hiding. Mr. and Mrs. Incredible end up living unassuming lives in the suburbs with their three children. Mr. Incredible ends up working at an insurance company while Mrs. Incredible stays home and raises the children. The children both have super powers, but have grown up in a world where they aren’t allowed to show them in public... Of course, something comes up and they are forced to fight the bad guys just like the old days.

The Incredibles is well done in every aspect. The story is good, the writing is excellent, the voices are great, the humor is intelligent and the animation is top notch. So many movies seemed geared towards kids with a few “adult” lines thrown in as an afterthought in some sort of pathetic attempt to make their demographic broader. The Incredibles is strong on story and filled with intelligent dialog and yet (all you other kids movie producers take note here!) all the kids sitting around me in the movie seemed to be enjoying it as much as I did. This movie is proof that “kids” movies are just the result of lazy creators—a well written movie can appeal to all ages.

There were so many really good little parts that added so much atmosphere to the movie, like the two best friends reminiscing about the villains they foiled. I really liked this movie and you will too. Go out and see it now!

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