Type Title Author/Director/Developer Date Rating
Movie Ocean's Twelve Steven Soderbergh 2005-05-25 **+__


Ocean’s Twelve starts off with a montage of all the key people from Ocean’s Eleven and how they are spending their cut of the money they stole in the first movie. Then one by one they all get tracked down by the casino owner they stole the money from. He wants his money back oddly enough. So they have two weeks to get the 190 million dollars they owe him or else...

Ocean’s Twelve tries to pull off the same juxtapositioning of real Hollywood actors and movie characters that the first movie did. Topher Grace and Bruce Willis have cameos as themselves and there’s a bizarre plot device that revolves around Julia Robert’s character, Tess Ocean, looking strikingly similar to the famed actress...Julia Roberts. Odd. It doesn’t quite work though.

This movie has only a couple things that make it not just a rehash of Ocean’s Eleven. The main thing is “The Nightfox”, a rival burglar that seems to always be one step ahead of the team. It’s a marginally good movie but I’d rent it and not buy it.

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