Type Title Author/Director/Developer Date Rating
Movie Napoleon Dynamite Jared Hess 2004-11-26 _____


Napoleon Dynamite is about an angsty teen named, of all things, “Napoleon Dynamite”. I think it was supposed to be a comedy, but the movie’s idea of humor and mine seem to be orthogonal. I watched in excruciating boredom as vapid Napoleon groused his way through a bizarre existence with his strange friends. There were a couple parts I thought were vaguely amusing, but the whole movie seemed like a Saturday Night Live skit gone horribly wrong. About 15 minutes in I started thinking, “I really hope this goes somewhere.”

It never did. It kept the same lazy pace up for eighty something minutes, grinding away at my soul until I was left cold and unblinking, staring at the TV and feeling something that could be called horror if only it wasn’t completely drowned in utter boredom. Napoleon Dynamite is an insipid movie. Don’t waste your time, unless you only have the intellect of a six year old.

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