Type Title Author/Director/Developer Date Rating
Book Lilith's Brood Octavia E. Butler 2007-06-28 ****+


Lilith’s Brood is about an alien species rebuilding Earth after humans have destroyed it with a nuclear war. They’ve rescued all the humans left alive and put them in suspended animation while they fix the radiation and nuclear winter. Lilith is the human they trust to wake up the other humans and convince them that they not only need to repopulate the earth, but that they need to repopulate the earth with only human/alien hybrids. This obviously doesn’t go over well with everyone...

Lilith’s Brood is actually a trilogy combined into one book. The original trilogy is Dawn, Adulthood Rites, and Imago. Each book focuses on one individual—Lilith, in the first book, and as the name of the trilogy implies, one of her children in each of the other two books.

The trilogy is a pretty easy read, but the author is really good about making you feel for the people involved, even the aliens. I enjoyed this book immensely.

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