Type Title Author/Director/Developer Date Rating
Book City Of Truth James Morrow 2006-08-31 ***+_


City Of Truth is a about, crazily enough, a city named Veritas where people are conditioned from childhood to only tell the truth. The lead character, Jack, has a son that contracts a rare disease. He comes to believe that the only cure for his son is positive thinking and so he goes on a crusade to rid himself of his conditioning so he can lie to his son and tell him he’s going to be alright.

This book is short and to the point. It’s got a bunch of silly jokes, as you might imagine in a city where everyone tells the honest, brutal truth. It is a bit of a one trick pony, but it is short enough that it never wears thin. There is also a good deal of tenderness between Jack and his son. It is a good book.

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