Type Title Author/Director/Developer Date Rating
Movie Batman Begins Christopher Nolan 2005-06-22 ****+


What can I say? This is clearly the best Batman movie to date. Possibly the best super hero movie to date. There’s something about it that just feels solid. And I don’t just mean the special effects physics. Really, I don’t remember any special effects—which means they were the best kind. But by “solid” I mean realistic, maybe. Nothing seemed out of place. Batman and villains alike had good motivations and nobody did anything completely brain-dead.

Christian Bale is a very believable Batman. This movie shows us, as you might guess from the title, how he became Batman. He plays it fairly stoically but it is appropriate to the character. I especially liked Michael Caine as Alfred. He comes across like more of a father figure than I’ve seen before and the dynamic he had with Bruce Wayne was nice.

So go see this movie, even if you haven’t liked any Batman movies up to this point. This one really is good.

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